Chef Natasha

"Stay Sweet!"

Miss Bailey Brown was born out of a monthly Ladies event hosted by Natasha.

She loves to build new friendships & bring people together. 

The theme was "Chocoholics Anonymous"! She decided to try making chocolate truffles for her friends, instead of cakes, cookies or cupcakes. She fell in love with the process of making truffles and working with chocolate. Combining high-quality ingredients for fillings and designing the overall look to catch your eye came from her previous career in restaurant management.


Natasha grew up in Mississauga Ontario.

Destined to the Arts as a child, she loves to sing, dance, paint, cook and creates! She is a vivacious entrepreneur, teacher and mentor at heart.

With a diploma in marketing and human resources, expertise in customer service and restaurant management, she is explosive with a passion to elevate her small business.

Natasha's goal is to see Miss Bailey Brown Chocolate grow into an innovative and delicious addition to your city.


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