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Toronto international film festival 2017

What a RUSH! Incredible time at the  TIFF Luxury Gifting Suite. We met over 100 celebrities, and I couldn't do it without my incredible jazzy and talented. Everyone loved the chocolate.... Celebrity Connected staff, the other vendors and of course the STARS! Their reactions were genuinely impressed. The chocolate was devoured and complimented. Thank you for trying our chocolates.

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Incredible and classy night at Mississauga Convention Centre. Invited by Eddie Suliman, we were happy to support the Peel Children's aid foundation. 

We were vendors at the first Toronto Bakers Market in Leslieville! This is the best vendor event I've ever participated in! We refilled our table 3 times!! Extremely successful! Find the best bakers in Toronto here!

BIG Thanks to the team at TBM!


Quality dark chocolate, 70% or higher, has several health benefits, when eaten in moderation.

1. Antioxidant

2. Lowers blood pressure increases blood flow

3. Improves brain function

4. RDA of magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, potassium,  and more

Try our Stay Fit Stay Sweet Collection for a guilt free addition to your health!

So exciting for Gluten Intolerant folks. We sold out at this event. A friend of mine, Charity Parkinson, has been on a gluten free diet for about 5 years now, and she was thrilled to learn so much at the show, as well as add many food items to her grocery list that she hasn't been able to find. Need gluten free chocolate? Just specify in your order and you can have as many as you want!! We will make your batch separate from the rest of the production.

I love Mississauga! I grew up there from the age of 5. When Celebration Square was established, I dreamed of being on the stage for Zumba, or Salsa......but I made it there with chocolate!! We were actually going to skip this event and join next year, but Phil, the owner of Holiday Street Festival,  emailed me not too long before the event and said there are 3 spots left. So I started filling out the forms.....that same day we were chatting on the phone, and I ended up live on Rogers TV with Phil on the INSAUGA show! Amazing!  I feel blessed ......and we were crazy busy for the event with fabulous chocolate lovers appreciating our quality chocolate. Thank you Mississauga, Phil, Jackie and Khalid.

Adding the Wedding industry to our services. We are happy to customize your Wedding favours to your wedding theme and flavours that your guests will never forget!

Grand Slam Fundraiser 2016

Excited to participate as an official donor at Major League Baseball's Celebrity Grand Slam 2016 in support of Michael Garron Hospital formerly Toronto East General Hospital. May 14th 2016
Proceeds from Grand Slam will support the hospital's acclaimed child, adolescent & adult mental health services - renewing the futures of children, teens and adults of all ages who struggle with mental illness.
As part of their historic $50 million gift, the Garron Family has pledged to match dollar-for-dollar all funds raised through the Grand Slam Celebrity Softball Tournament. Donations will go twice as far to support the mental health services MGH provides.

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