Gluten Free *Dairy Free *Full of Flavour!

12 delicious flavours that are great for after your workout. 70% Dark Chocolate and fresh toppings

Made with coconut milk, no sugar added.


Dark Silk

Almond Crunch

Toasted Coconut

Chili Chamba

Salted Caramel

Dinner Mint

Blueberry Chocolate Pie

Berry Good

Orange Cranberry

Dance with Me (Ice Wine & Ginger)

Endure (Black Cherry)

Praline Cashew Cluster




Stay Fit Stay Sweet 12

  • Shelf life:

    2 Weeks room temp

    1 Month refrigerator

    2 Months freezer (thaw in fridge 1hr then to room temp to serve)

    **Colour change in chocolate WILL occur with drastic temperature changes. This is called "blooming" . Cocoa butter separating from chocolate liquer. The chocolate has not expired from the blooming process.

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